Preparing Children for School Success, Leadership and Life.

Our Mission, Goals and Values

More than half of these children are transported to centers outside of South Madison because the supply of early childhood centers is so low. Presently, there is only one five-star rated center in the 53713 zip code and only 30 slots for full-time care available in this center.

Our mission is to prepare young children from birth to age 5 for success in school and life, and ensure they enter grade school reading-ready. 

Our vision is to cultivate a community of healthy, happy, thoughtful and resourceful children who possess the capacity and commitment to empower others and change the world, their families and communities for the better. 

We achieve our mission and vision by taking a two-generation community impact approach to cultivating young children, and by exercising our core values every day:

  • a great looking school,
  • world class curriculum,
  • happy and prepared children,
  • friendly and effective team members,
  • and engaged and supportive families and partners.

One City provides affordable, accessible, and high quality preschools that prepare young children for school success. We also embrace the village concept – that it truly takes an entire village to raise a child.

It is why we named our preschool “One City”. We know that when the entire community works together to benefit children, our children will have a strong chance to succeed. Their success depends on what all of us do to pave the way for them – their parents, their peers, their teachers, their neighbors, their community, policy makers, and you and us.

As a key partner in the village, we work together with parents, volunteers and the broader community to ensure that our Baby Badgers show up to kindergarten eager to learn, ready to read, and ultimately prepared to succeed from one grade to the next. We also utilize a robust network of community partnerships, routinely evaluate our success, and stay current on the latest research to ensure we are doing our very best to cultivate happy, healthy and successful children during early childhood.