Preparing Children for School Success, Leadership and Life.

Why One City

Education is the engine and the fuel that drives success in the United States of America. Without it, people, businesses, communities and governments fail to achieve to their full potential. With it, they have the opportunity to succeed and contribute to the needs of others.

Our Purpose and Approach to Learning 

We are dedicated to working with parents and the community to cultivate children who are capable of and committed to empowering others and changing the world, their families and their communities for the better as they mature into adulthood. 

Our teachers work hard every day to cultivate eager, innovative, inquisitive and precocious minds among our children. Our curriculum builds children’s knowledge, skills, curiosity, creativity, vocabulary and pre-reading ability. It also inspires and builds on their passion for learning. 

That serves as their foundation for their success as learners in the future. Your child will learn about themselves, their community, their family and the world in their classrooms, on field trips, at home and through other special learning opportunities we create for them.

Our Commitment to Cultivating Readers and Thinkers

Second, oral language development and early reading skills are vitally important in early childhood. Research indicates that.

We are not shy about our commitment to oral language development, and teaching your child how to read, count and write basic words before they get to kindergarten. It is our goal that your child will read and comprehend a minimum of 25 words before they get to kindergarten, and be able to count and recognize numbers from 1 to 100. Research indicates that, children’s ability to speak and understand the context and use of words provides children with a vital tool for thought. Without fluent and structured oral language, children will find it very difficult to think (Jerome Bruner, 1983).” 

Exposing children to language/words and building their vocabulary serve as the building blocks for their success as readers, communicators and thinkers in early childhood, during grade school and throughout their lifespan. Children with limited exposure to words and who develop limited vocabularies tend to struggle educationally when they begin school. To the contrary, children with large vocabularies tend to succeed in school and beyond. 

Our Special Work with Parents and the Community

We embrace the village concept – that it truly takes an entire village to raise a child. It is why we named our preschool “One City”. We know that when the entire community works to benefit children, they will have a strong chance to succeed. Their success depends on what all of us do to pave the way for them – their parents, their peers, their teachers, their neighbors, their community, policy makers, and you and us. 

Through a robust network of partnership, we connect parents and their children with many opportunities in the Greater Madison community to move themselves and their children forward. Through the One City Child Institute for Early Learning, we will provide an informative and inspiring space for parents, teachers, community educators and volunteers to learn and share what it takes to raise happy, healthy and successful children.