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There are several ways you can get involved with and support One City Early Learning.

We are presently in the midst of a Capital Campaign to finance the opening of our first center in South Madison. You can become a ‘Bridge Builder’ with One City with your financial contribution to our school. You can also volunteer your time with us and our Baby Badgers by assisting with field trips, special events, teaching workshops and seminars within our Child Development Institute, and read to, play with and complete fun learning projects with our children in their classrooms and the community.

Additionally, you can partner with us to provide value-added opportunities and services to our children and families, provide in-kind support and help us with our kitchen, garden and maintaining our grounds as well.

Explore the Opportunities Below!


One City Capital Campaign

Upcoming Events



Join the Movement! Become a Neighborhood Champion!

Activate your personal networks and connections on behalf of One City. Download the tools and resources below to help build awareness about the vital importance of investing in high quality early learning in the first 1000+ days and the 2-generation approach. Our goal is to raise $100K through continuing support from Madison and surrounding neighborhoods. Become a Neighborhood Champion


  1. Guide to House Parties
  2. 10 Ways to be a Neighborhood Champion
  3. Contact Sheet
  4. Community Campaign Charitable Pledge Form
  5. Neighborhood letter template
  6. One City Key Messages


Dr. Dipesh Navsaria – “Early Education Elevates Everything” – Click here to view

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