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Immediate Needs

Ways You Can Help One City 

Our Strategy: Ensuring Quality and Accessibility

The business model for One City is very simple: offer tuition scholarships to families based on their cost of living and economic need, and ask the community to cover the cost of the facility renovation, furniture, playground equipment and materials, and start-up supplies.

With scholarship assistance, more families can afford to send their children to a high quality preschool and keep them enrolled. Additionally, without the need to pay a high monthly mortgage or lease on its facility, or purchase needed items like furniture, playground equipment and supplies on credit, One City can use its resources to keep its tuition rates just below the median rate charged to families by accredited preschools in Dane County. It can also afford to pay salaries and offer benefits that are competitive with the region’s best preschools, thereby enabling One City to hire staff that have the experience, competencies and credentials to ensure its children are well prepared to succeed in school when they begin kindergarten.

So far, One City’s business model is working. One City’s director and teachers have an average of 15 years experience ranging from 6 years to 28 years in early childhood and elementary education. In June 2017, more than 74% of its (39) families (with 44 children) demonstrated an economic need for a scholarship. Most receive a tuition subsidy from the state, city, county, their employer or the University of Wisconsin.

How You Can Help?

Weekly Tuition Rates (2017-18)

The following chart shows how One City’s tuition rates compare to the “median” tuition rates charged by “accredited” preschools in Dane County. Annual rates are based on 51 weeks of tuition payments. Data Source:

Ages Served

One City Weekly Rates

Dane County Weekly Rates

One City Annual Rates

Dane County Annual Rates

1 – 2 years old





2 – 3 years old





3 – 4 years old





4 – 5 years old





You Can: Provide Tuition Scholarships

One City provides scholarships to parents based on their demonstrated economic need. We look at a family’s total cost of living, not just their total household income. This includes a family’s costs for housing, healthcare, transportation, food, education (including childcare) and other financial needs. See the chart on the next page.

Tuition Scholarship Options

Annual Scholarship Options

30% of Tuition Scholarship

Median Scholarship

80% of Tuition Scholarship

Half-Year (26 weeks)




One Year (51 weeks)




Three Years




* Tuition scholarship amounts are determined by a family’s cost of living and ability to pay out-of-pocket, and by any tuition subsidies they receive from other sources. One City requires all parents to contribute financially to their children’s education, which is why we do not offer 100% tuition scholarships.