Preparing Children for School Success, Leadership and Life.

Our Curriculum

One City Early Learning Centers curriculum helps children achieve school readiness in all areas of academic, social and creative learning.

Our program is filled with investigation, exploration, and discovery, where active and enthusiastic children can refine and expand upon their interests, skills and knowledge. Through intentional teaching practices, classroom learning environments, enriched activities, and play, teachers ensure preschoolers have joyful, appropriate, and meaningful learning experiences that lead to success in school and in life.           

Through independent exploration, structured activities, and hands-on learning, children develop a variety of skills and knowledge in areas like early literacy, mathematics, science, language and social skills. 

Our program will span across six developmental domains. These include: 

Cognitive Development

Creative Expression

Executive Function

Language and Literacy Development

Physical Development and Wellness

Social and Emotional Development

Our Program Features

Our themed units and routinely changing thematic classroom environments, along with the manner in which we will work with your children, will stimulate your child’s curiosity; nurture positive thinking, creativity and mindfulness; increase their knowledge and awareness of the world around them; promote independent thinking and teamwork, and will instill a strong sense of self-knowledge, self-confidence, self-management and self-pride in your child. Specifically, our curriculum consists of:

Self-directed and teacher-guided activities

Hands-on experiences designed to boost problem solving and scientific thinking skills

Daily small- and whole-group activities

Reading, language usage and vocabulary

Daily physical exercise, nutrition and play

Music, movement and the arts

Basic daily household, personal and family routines (toddlers)

Observation-based assessments that track your child’s progress toward developmental milestones and school readiness 

Portfolios that document growth and development through your child’s work

Regular teacher-family communication, including ways you can continue the learning in your own home